Candace Owens Recounts Hospital Threatening Her with Misdemeanor, CPS After She Gave Birth to Daughter


Conservative commentator Candace Owens gave birth to a healthy baby girl — Louise Marie Farmer — on July 13.

Returning from maternity this week leave to appear on her new Daily Wire show, “The Candace Owens Podcast,” she told of conflicts with the Tennessee hospital where her child was born, wrestling with what she termed the “medical mafia.”

Hit with what she saw as ongoing unreasonable hospital requests (which she believes were based on generating more revenue for the hospital), Owens and her husband wouldn’t comply.

As a result, she said, they were threatened with having their insurance declined for the hospital stay, being charged with committing a misdemeanor and being reported to Child Protective Services.

Owens said the biggest health threat she and her baby faced was a lack of sleep, and she asked the hospital to help her with that.


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She said the hospital — which she identified in a Daily Mail interview as Ascension Saint Thomas in Nashville — ignored her request.

Finally, early in the morning of her second overnight stay, she hit the wall. She demanded to go home.

It seems she couldn’t until her baby daughter had a blood test, required by Tennessee law under penalty of a misdemeanor.

Recognizing the importance of the test as a diagnostic tool for a potential or future problem, Owens wondered why she couldn’t have it administered at the office of her pediatrician. But she and her husband, George Farmer, agreed to let the hospital test the baby.

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But then, Owens declined to allow the baby to receive antibiotics. The hospital demanded to give them because early in her pregnancy, Owens was perceived to be at risk of giving Group B Streptococcus to her baby.

However, the alleged threat stemmed from one positive indication from a test liable to continued changes in results, and Owens was satisfied the child was healthy.

Owens said her refusal to allow antibiotics to be put into her newborn daughter led the hospital…


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