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Boxing excellent Mike Tyson claims the man he punched on an aircraft today was drunk and also provoked him into the run-in.

A video went viral on Thursday revealing the former heavyweight champ punching a JetBlue airline guest numerous times in the face after the man continuously taunted him.

But Tyson’s reps said in a statement that he threw his strikes only after the “aggressive” guy tossed a canteen at the 55-year-old “Iron Mike,” the New York Post reported Friday.

TMZ Sports reported that Tyson had positioned for a selfie with the traveler and his friend when they first boarded the flight. Yet the male maintained bothering Tyson after the photo.

The video uploaded by TMZ showed the passenger sitting behind Tyson and also chattering, holding up for the video camera and pestering him.

There is an edit in the video clip prior to the recording after that reveals Tyson getting to over from his own seat and also pummeling the man as one more traveler attempted to push Tyson away from the altercation.

The video ends with the guy Tyson mauled making a sad face and indicating the contusions on the best side of his face.

Sources informed TMZ that the guy Tyson punched was “very drunk … and also would not stop provoking the boxer in his seat.”

And now Tyson’s camp is claiming the justification was greater than just verbal.

“Sadly, Mr. Tyson had an event on a trip with an aggressive guest who began pestering him and tossed a canteen at him while he remained in his seat,” Tyson’s agents stated, according to the Post.

The San Francisco Cops Department released a statement about the case on Twitter.

“On Wednesday April 20, 2022 at approximately 10:06 PM, officers designated to the SFPD Airport Bureau were sent off to a physical run-in onboard an airplane situated at the Residential Terminal” of the San Francisco International Airport, it said.

“Police officers arrived and detained 2 topics that were believed to be associated with the event. One topic was dealt with at the scene for non-life-threatening injuries. That subject offered marginal details of the incident + declined to cooperate even more with the investigation,” the department claimed.

It said both topics were released pending further investigation.


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