Court Orders Philly to Remove Plywood Box Covering Christopher Columbus Statue


A statue of Christopher Columbus is once again visible to the public in Philadelphia.

City municipal workers on Sunday night finally removed the plywood box that had been hiding the statue of the historical figure. But the city’s action came only because of a court order directing them to remove the barrier, according to WPVI-TV.

The statue of the famed Italian explorer was shamefully censored in one of Philadelphia’s public parks for more than two years — in the midst of a legal battle regarding the city’s plans to purge it from Marconi Plaza, according to BillyPenn.

A three-judge panel of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania ultimately ruled last week that the wooden boards obscuring the statue were illegal, according to WPVI.

The neoclassical statue of the explorer in Marconi Plaza was finally liberated to the cheers of well-wishers Sunday evening.


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As the explorer whose voyages paved the way for European settlement of North America, Columbus has long been considered one of the most consequential men ever to live.

It’s more than fair to assume that the lives of every American would be different — likely for the worse — if not for his role in colonizing the Americas.

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The Italian-born voyager’s legacy has become an acute target of the revisionist left in the last decade, with statues and imagery commemorating him in public places targeted for protests, vandalism and removal.

Columbus’ legacy has long been a point of pride for Italian Americans and American Catholics broadly, who, as a personal point of pride, point to the explorer’s contribution to American civilization.

His detractors blame Columbus for the mistreatment of natives, introducing new diseases to indigenous populations and opening the door to slavery in the Western Hemisphere.

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