CREEPY: Home Security Camera Catches ‘Apparition’ in Driveway After Dogs Bark ⋆ Flag And Cross


Sure, there is a certain level of security that you feel when you have a camera bolted to the front of your house, but if you’re counting on these devices to keep your mental health in check, think again.

Sure, you’ll have piece of mind when you’re not at home, knowing that you’ve got a digital observer recording, but how many times do you have to see something strange or unnerving on the tape to start worrying more than you used to?  How many random characters do you need to see creeping around your driveway in the middle of the night before you hit the point in which the security has a diminishing return on your mental health?

Worse yet, what if you start seeing dangerous animals roaming the neighborhood?

Or, what about ghosts?

An eerie video from a home security system in Minnesota shows a ghostly figure seemingly manifest out of thin air and then walk along a road in front of a house. The spooky incident reportedly occurred earlier this month in the community of Pierz when Cory Fletcher’s dog began barking as if someone was outside their residence. Since the animal only behaves that way when there is someone at the door, her owner assumed that they had an unexpected visitor. However, when he went to greet them, Fletcher was left scratching his head as there was no one to be found. The man was even more mystified when he checked his home security system and saw something truly strange on the footage.


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And that’s not all:

In the video, his dog can be heard barking as a somewhat nebulous form appears outside of the home across the street. As the puzzling anomaly heads towards Fletcher’s house, it takes on the shape of a figure without any visible legs. The possible apparition then ‘walks’ down the street until it dissipates just before leaving the view of the camera. Strangely, the homeowner says that the system will specifically note human or animal trespassers and, in this instance, the strange interloper received no such recognition.

The spooky video can be seen below:


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