Delusional Klepper Praises Whitmer: Florida Is ‘Urinating On Democracy’


The Democrats and liberal media like to paint Michigan in a positive light, but Jordan Klepper exposed their hypocrisy when he interviewed Governor Gretchen Whitmer on The Daily Show.

Klepper praised Michigan’s gun control measures, but when it came to abortion, he questioned whether Whitmer’s bold stances on the issue were a good thing for national elections. Whitmer argued that the Midwest showed you can win on abortion, but she failed to address the larger issue.

After some pothole-filling footage of Klepper and Whitmer, Klepper made the point that Michigan was definitely not Florida, which was “urinating on our democracy.” This was a clear dig at Governor Ron DeSantis and his attempts to get headlines.

Whitmer attempted to spin the situation, claiming Michigan was “trying to make [it] a place where every business can thrive and every person has rights and freedoms to make their own decisions.” But Klepper responded with, “If Michigan is a hand, what is Florida?” Whitmer’s answer was a clear example of her hypocrisy, simply responding, “One peninsula.”

It seems that Michigan is not as progressive as the Democrats and liberal media make it out to be. Whitmer pushes pro-abortion agendas and claims to be pro-business, she fails to explain how she plans to create a thriving business environment in the state.

Meanwhile, Florida is not “urinating on our democracy” like Whitmer and the liberal media would have us believe. Governor Ron DeSantis is doing an excellent job of leading the state and providing a path to a brighter future. He is working to make Florida a business-friendly state, while also protecting the rights of the people.

It’s time for the liberal media to stop painting Michigan as some sort of progressive utopia. The state is not as progressive as they would have us believe and Whitmer’s policies have not created positive change. It’s also time for them to stop attacking Florida and recognize the job Governor DeSantis is doing.

Erica Carlin is an independent journalist, opinion writer and contributor to several news and opinion sources. She is based in Georgia.

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