Dems Honor Ethically Challenged DA Fani Willis as ‘Woman of Influence’


(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Despite nearly being booted from her high-profile prosecution of former President Donald Trump due to blatant ethical violations and conflicts of interest, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis nonetheless received an award from local Democrats for being a “Woman of Influence,” Newsweek reported.

Willis received the award Friday at the Cobb County Democratic Committee’s annual fundraising gala, which also featured guest speaker David Hogg, according to Fox 5.

“This election comes down to human basic rights,” claimed acting committee chair Essence Johnson. “It has nothing to do with what side of the fence you’re on.”

Throughout the unfolding trial, Willis has pandered to radical leftists with her emphasis on race-baiting and gender grievances, deflecting from her own failures by performatively casting herself as the victim and insisting that she has been treated unfairly by the media.

But, in fact, the mainstream media has attempted to give Willis a substantial boost, particularly as she prepares for her own reelection this year.

On Sunday, she opted to skip a debate against Democrat opponent Christian Wise Smith, instead co-hosting a “Self Care Fair” over the weekend for Atlanta crime victims.

The district attorney’s race also includes Republican Courtney Kramer, a former litigation consultant for Trump’s legal team.

Kramer reportedly called Willis a “disgrace to the legal community” due to the scandal surrounding Nathan Wade, Willis’s ex-lover, whom she later brought on as a lead prosecutor in the Trump case, despite his lack of qualifications.

Wade resigned following an ultimatum by Judge Scott McAfee that either he or Willis would have to go.

“As a lawyer myself, it’s disgusting to see [Willis] not follow her rules of professional conduct or take her oath of office seriously,” Kramer added.

Willis brushed off Kramer’s candidacy in the deep blue district, where her improprieties have only helped to burnish her reputation among her constituents.

“This is a democracy we live in, and so people have a right to run for office, but they should come prepared for a fight,” Willis said.

“They should know that my heart is still in this work,” she added. “My heart will continue to be in this work and I intend to be the DA for the next four years and nine months.”

Aside from being named a “Woman of Influence,” Willis also was honored in February with the Black History Achievement Award from Berean Seventh-day Adventist Church in Atlanta.


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