Dems Scared to Bring Attention to ‘Sensitive Topic’ 12 Days After Election: ‘The Plan Is … to Downplay’


Joe Biden’s age, like inflation during his presidency, just keeps going up.

In just over a month — less than two weeks after the midterm elections that are going to define the rest of his term — Biden will turn 80, making him the oldest American president in history.

And White House aides are already trying to scheme out fittings ways not to mark the occasion.

In an unusually honest report Tuesday, the Beltway news outfit Politico brought word that the Biden circle is “keenly aware of the storylines surrounding his age and are bracing for the inevitable news cycle” and “have called around to Biden world allies to seek advice on how to best handle the date that will surely draw significant attention from reporters and Republicans alike.”

“His age has always been a sensitive topic among his closest allies and planning is underway as to how to best navigate the occasion,” Politico reported.


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The headline? “Biden’s about to turn 80. Don’t expect a blowout birthday bash.”

The reasons for the “trepidation” should be obvious to anyone who’s watched Biden less than two years into what is becoming the most disastrous presidency the country has ever seen.

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The supposed leader of the country and the free world spends an unusual amount of time proving he’s utterly unit for the office.

Whether he’s mouthing inanities on a regular basis, falling up staircases, falling off stationary bikes or getting caught using instruction sheets that sound like reminders for how to behave in public for a particularly slow 5-year-old, the man occupying the Oval Office rarely misses a chance to remind his fellow citizens that his best playing days belonged to seasons long past.

And now, a…


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