Dick Morris: NY Case Proves Left Fears Trump Like Nothing Else


We are about to find out if Donald Trump ever littered or jaywalked in his entire life.

He is under scrutiny for everything else, with prosecutors throughout the country — all motivated by partisanship — filing all manner of lawsuits and launching criminal investigations against him.

Could this have anything to do with his imminent announcement of his candidacy for re-election in 2024? Or with his dominance in the Republican Party primaries this year? Or with his lead over President Joe Biden in several national polls?

If you answered yes to each, you’re on the right track.

In my book “The Return,” I predicted Trump would continue to rise in the polls and present an immense problem for Biden and the Democrats. I also warned that the Democrats were preparing major legal hits against Trump. The Mar-a-Lago raid was one.


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The latest attack on Trump is the new civil lawsuit against him and his family by the opportunistic New York Attorney General Letitia James. The charge against him is that he overestimated the value of his properties as he sought loans from banks.

The James lawsuit is particularly pernicious in that it goes after Trump’s children and family. Consider that Hunter Biden is walking around free, unmolested and actually still doing business deals — as the Trump children face being dragged into court to testify under oath about the arcane details of their financial lives.

Obviously, Democratic prosecutors are trying to do in court what they think they can’t do at the ballot box come 2024. Like so many army divisions marching in lockstep under a central command, these prosecutors are deploying every resource to try to stop Donald Trump.

Are Democratic prosecutors targeting Trump for political reasons?

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The height of his persecution by prosecution is the huge national crisis being fomented by the FBI because it claims he did not, in effect, return his library books on time.

Were there the slightest evidence or even accusation that Trump betrayed national secrets or compromised national security in his…


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