Disturbing Footage Shows ‘Wannabe Thugs’ Ambushing Distressed Cop’s Car


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Viral video footage captured the exact moment when a group of masked “wannabe-thugs” ambushed and vandalized the cruiser car of a female police officer in Fairfax County, Virginia. This occurred just seconds before a second officer was struck down by the violent crowd. 

According to the Fairfax County Police Department, the unnamed officer was responding to a street takeover before the group of individuals blocked her from moving in any direction. The video shows a man jumping on the cruiser vehicle, while others banged on the windows.

As seen in the harrowing footage published by the New York Post and WUSA9, the officer quickly called for assistance as she was overwhelmed by the group of people. “I’ve got a huge crowd. They’re hitting the car,” she radioed.

Also visible in the video were men wearing ski masks, with one man holding what appears to be a traffic cone. Another man reportedly brandished a rifle during the same incident. 

Fairfax County Police Chief Kevin Davis said during a press conference on Wednesday that he believed the men wanted to drag the officer out of the vehicle. “Thankfully, they didn’t get into the car, and we’re very grateful for that,” he said, as reported by the Post

Davis also said that the incident could have easily turned deadly, further adding: “I believe we narrowly escaped a line-of-duty death scenario of our own. Because one of our officers was surrounded by a bunch of masked, tough-guy-wannabe-thugs who surrounded her car, and acted in a criminal manner, in a way that I’ll tell you is never going to happen again in Fairfax County.”  

As officers stormed the area to rescue the stranded female officer, the group of individuals quickly dispersed before one driver struck an officer.

Fairfax police issued a subsequent arrest warrant for the alleged driver of the car, Ronal Urrea-Hernandez. He is being sought on charges of felony hit and run, speeding to elude and driving without a license.

Another individual, Carlos A. Martinez Jr., aged 18, is being sought for reckless driving. A third man, Dylan Heckard, age 20, is wanted for abduction, assault on a law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice and wearing a mask in public. 

The man who jumped on the police car and blocked the officer from leaving will be charged with disorderly conduct and abduction. 

The Fairfax Police Department announced that the criminal investigation division and special investigation division are currently investigating further developments. However, it isn’t immediately clear whether the individuals have been apprehended. 

Headline USA contacted the Springfield District and the Franconia District of the Fairfax County Police Department to inquire about any arrests made.

Two officers informed Headline USA that requests for information should be directed to the media relations department, which operates during regular business hours. This article was published after midnight.


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