Doctors Are Hearing from Monkeypox-Infected Gay Men and It Exposes Liberal Health Hypocrisy


A rather stunning bit of data regarding the recent outbreak of monkeypox that has the World Health Organization and the Biden administration panicking sheds new light on how the disease might be spreading while causing quite a few problems for those seeking to downplay indications that sexual promiscuity among gay men is behind it all.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that 73 percent of men who have contracted monkeypox report having between two and 10 sexual partners over the three weeks before symptom onset, according to a report Friday in The Wall Street Journal.

Of these men, nearly 20 percent reported 10 or more sexual partners in this time period.

According to the CDC report, of all the monkeypox patients in the United States, 99 percent are men, and 96 percent are gay men.

To say that a majority of monkeypox patients in the United States are sexually promiscuous gay men would be a weak understatement, purely according to this data, no matter how wildly offensive that would sound to many progressive ears in this day and age.


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Yet these are the simple facts.

The CDC report found that out of 291 men surveyed, 19 percent reported having 10 or more partners in the three weeks before contracting the disease, 14 percent reported having between five and nine partners, and 40 percent reported having between two and four partners, according to the Journal.

Is monkeypox showing the left’s double-standard when it comes to health emergencies?

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Meanwhile, according to the CDC report: “Among 86 men with information reported, 33 (38%) reported group sex, defined as sex with more than two persons, at a festival, group sex event, or sex party.”

The World Health Organization declared monkeypox a “public health emergency of international concern”…


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