Elderly Woman Grabs Stick, Beats Back Creepy COVID Tester


Not all heroes wear capes — and they don’t need to be young or strong, either.

In a viral video that’s been watched over 1.5 million times as of Wednesday morning, an elderly woman being forced to take a COVID swab test by an individual in a hazmat suit fights the health worker off with a stick.

While it’s unclear where and when the video was shot, the footage comes as a series of draconian lockdowns have been imposed in the Chinese city of Shanghai.

(Here at The Western Journal, we’ve been opposed to all lockdowns since the beginning of the pandemic — and now that we’re approaching something resembling normalcy, we’ll continue to hold politicians that robbed us of our freedom to account. You can help us by subscribing.)

Again, little is known about the provenance of the video. although one widely viewed version of it was posted by Twitter user @ileana_altman on Friday.

Actor James Woods also tweeted Ileana’s video, noting, “Heroes come in all sizes.”

Others praised the elderly woman:

The best information on who the woman was or where the video originated comes from Spanish news agency EFE, which confirmed the footage was from China.

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“The detection of just one case can lead to the forced confinement of hundreds of people in a single residential building. In other cases, shopping malls and schools have been forced into lockdown until all contacts have undergone a PCR test,” a March 29 EFE report read.

“While PCR tests are readily available in urban areas, in rural settings things get more complicated…


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