Elected Official Grabs His Gun and Confronts Masked Potential Burglar Trying to Break Into His Business


One Pennsylvania official used a combination of surveillance technology and the Second Amendment to prevent a suspicious man from breaking into a charity he operates.

Early Saturday, an alert from the doorbell camera of the charity All You Can Inc. showed Ralph Rodriguez that there was a man in a mask acting suspiciously outside of the charity, according to Penn Live.

Rodriguez and his wife made the five-minute trip to the charity where at about 1:15 a.m., he found the man.


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Rodriguez, who has a concealed carry permit, ordered the man to get on the ground as he held his gun in his hand.

The man ignored the command, instead asking Rodriguez whether anyone was inside.

Eventually, Rodriguez told the man to go, which he did. No shots were fired in the incident, after which Rodriguez called the police.

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Police were unable to discern which way the man went after leaving Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, who is a member of the Harrisburg City Council, said that the man did not appear to be what he considered the average burglar looking for a quick score and that his actions included putting a hand over the outside camera to shield himself.

“It startled me. I told my family it was a very serious emergency, and that daddy has to go,” Rodriguez said.

“I already took an oath to defend the constitution and protect the residents of Harrisburg, but it means so much more when I woke up today. I might not have come home last night,” he said later Saturday.


Elected Official Grabs His Gun and Confronts Masked Potential Burglar Trying to Break…

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