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One more day, an additional left-wing story goes up in flames.

Last year, the U.K. federal government punished woodburning ranges after an internal report asserted they caused enormous quantities of air contamination through the launch of fine particle matter (PM2.5) discharges, a contaminant that’s destructive to the environment and to health.

In a farcical turnaround, the Department for Atmosphere, Food and Rural Affairs– the United Kingdom’s equivalent of the united state Environmental Protection Agency— released brand-new proof last week showing the government study had actually significantly exaggerated the claims, the U.K.’s Express reported Wednesday.

“The Federal government figures released last year suggested home wood and coal burning added virtually fifty percent of all fine fragment discharges, but one of the most current numbers from Defra suggest it is overall less than a quarter of the total,” the Express stated.

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“Defra introduced a ban on wet timber and nabbed coal in 2020, asserting melting the products in your home was the ‘single largest resource’ of PM2.5 despite just 8 per cent of UK houses shedding fuel indoors.”

In other words, it ended up that careless data collection was the stimulant for the British government’s war on woodburning stoves.

The government had “incorrectly logged newly-installed stoves as additions as opposed to replacements, which likely skewed the outcomes,” the Express reported.

Once again, it shows up that environmental fearmongering stoked by climate alarmists over woodburning turned out to be yet another incorrect story.

The war on woodburning ovens is stunning because these timeless, efficient heating units operate on a renewable energy– trees. So why were extreme conservationists up in arms against them?

Andy Hillside, the chairman of the Stove Sector Alliance, believes also the current, reduced figures about the environmental effect of woodburning are inflated.

“The SIA has long kept that the quantity …


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