Enjoy Environment Activists’ Latest Feat Backfire as Crowd Begins to Speak Out


Climate activists once more targeted priceless art work on Thursday, and also this time around it was Johannes Vermeer’s work of art “Girl with a Pearl Earring” in the Netherlands.

At the Mauritshuis, a gallery in The Hague that houses much of the Dutch masters, 2 guys putting on “Just Stop Oil” T-shirts came close to the priceless painting.

In video shared on social media, among the protesters seemingly tried to adhesive his head to the art work while the other poured something red on him.

After trying to deface the painting, one of the men claimed to the group, “How do you feel when you see something beautiful as well as invaluable being evidently ruined prior to your eyes? Do you really feel outrage? Excellent. That is the feeling when you see the planet being ruined prior to our extremely eyes.”

Individuals gathered around the painting and militants can be heard disapproving of their activities.


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“Stupid. Silly,” one viewer said.

“Obscene,” a female stated. “Pity on you.”

“Stop talking. Get away from there,” an additional stated.

Police eventually led the men away in manacles.

Though the climate protestors utilized adhesive and some type of red substance, the Mauritshuis claimed the paint was not damaged, The Associated Press reported.

“The problem of the paint has actually been checked out by our conservators. Fortunately, the glazed masterpiece was not damaged,” the museum claimed.

In a tweet on Friday, it stated the artwork was on screen once again.

“The Woman is back in the museum! To be appreciated (not to be touched),” the Mauritshuis stated.


Environment Activists Attempt Their Feat before Crowd Viewing ‘Woman with a Pearl Earring’ and It Doesn’t End Well

The Vermeer work of art, painted around 1665, not just is a national treasure of the Dutch yet is taken into consideration by many to be one of the greatest items …


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