Enjoy: WH Press Sec Says Biden Has Created More Jobs Than People Currently Alive


During a media briefing Friday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made a statement that has lots of scratching their heads.

While extolling the virtues of the Biden administration and the number of jobs the White House has actually allegedly developed, Jean-Pierre described the tasks report and mentioned that “10 thousand million tasks” had been created by Democrat policies. She never ever backtracked to fix herself on the number.

For the record, “10 thousand million,” in even more usual terms, relates to 10 billion. The present populace of Planet is around 7.97 billion people. The complete population of the United States is currently regarding 333 million, according to the U.S. Demographics Bureau.


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So the press secretary has seriously misspoken. It would appear to a person taking her actually that Jean-Pierre stated Head of state Joe Biden has created enough tasks to employ every man, female and kid in the USA lot of times over.

Especially, according to CBS News, as of 2020, just concerning 4 percent of adult Americans hold greater than one work, as well as typically this is a second job, not a 20th or 30th. “In June, 426,000 individuals were functioning two permanent placements, compared to 308,000 in February 2020, according to government labor data,” they reported.

While the corrected figure of approximately 10 million work is being reported by many on social media and has been referenced by Biden, this number doesn’t inform the full tale.


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