Even Far-Left SNL Mocks Pro-Hamas Protests, Columbia Univ.


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) The pro-Hamas protest at Columbia University got so out of control that even the far-left Saturday Night Live mocked those involved in their latest episode.

This skit specifically focused on the perspective of a man who opposed his daughter, a Columbia University student, joining the anti-Jewish protests, telling her instead to concentrate on her incredibly expensive and useless classes in her African American Studies department.

Even though the fictional parent supported students “using their voices to fight for what they believe in,” he opposed her daughter joining the protest and expressed his desire to see her “butt in class.”

“Nah man, you bugging. Alexis Vanessa Roberts better have her butt in class. Let me find out she’s in one of them damn tents instead of the dorm room that I pay for,” the father said.

When the father’s hypocrisy was highlighted, he simply replied that he only cares about his child, which implies that the only reason why he thinks the other students should be allowed to protest is because they are not his children and, therefore, he doesn’t care.

“That’s good for y’all’s kids. But they ain’t mine. That’s all I’m saying. They ain’t my kids,” he said.

One of the reasons why the fictional father opposed his daughter’s participation in the protest was because he thought she needed to concentrate on her very expensive classes.

“My business is Alexis Vanessa Roberts. OK? She ain’t talking about ‘no free this, free that,’ because I tell you what ain’t free: Columbia. Do you all know that they got the nerve to want $68,000 a year?” he said.

The father then said that he was “busting his hump” so that his daughter could attend the university and graduate with a useless degree.

“All of that just so she can say she got a degree in African American studies. It’s like, little girl, you’ve been black your whole life. You know what it is,” he said.

The man then said it would still be worth it because of the upcoming graduation ceremony. When other parents on the panel pointed out that the university canceled their commencement ceremonies due to the aggressive protests, the father said that she would graduate no matter what.

“I don’t think you get it. Alexis Vanessa will be graduated, even if I gotta do it myself,” he said.


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