EVIL EMPIRE: Russia, China Announce Partnership to Create ‘New World Order’ ⋆ Are the battle lines of World War III being drawn before our very eyes? ⋆ Flag And Cross


As our world hurtles ever closer to a global conflict of apocalyptic magnitude, the battle will almost surely be fought on the line that separates freedom from tyranny, and democracy from authoritarianism.

We are already witnessing a mass reshuffling of the world’s proverbial deck, as regimes in the east begin to consolidate power and resources.

Russia has been in need of such help for months now, as their failing Ukrainian invasion has forced the Kremlin to buy munitions and missiles from North Korea, and unmanned aerial vehicles from Iran.

But this week, perhaps the most significant step yet has been taken toward the creation of a new “Axis of Evil”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping met in Uzbekistan where they reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening their relationship and putting their mark on the “global scale.”


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The two authoritarian leaders met on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on Thursday, in Xi’s first trip outside his country since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

The pair seemed to be making a rather powerful statement.

“In the face of the colossal changes of our time on a global scale, unprecedented in recent history, we are ready to team up with our Russian colleagues to set an example of a responsible world power and to play a leading role in putting a rapidly changing world on the track of sustainable and positive development,” Xi told Putin, according to TASS, Russian state media.

The Chinese leader addressed Putin as his “dear and long-time friend,” and noted that, “under conditions of a global pandemic we continue to maintain effective strategic contacts, particularly through phone calls.”

China and the US have been recently involved in a rather heated war of words over Taiwan, as China continues to posture toward a potential invasion of the self-governed territory.


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