Famous Actor Exposes Satanic ‘Cult’ In Hollywood


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Famous former child actor Ricky Schroder, known for his Golden Globe-winning performance in 1979’s “The Champ” with seasoned actor Jon Voight, recently put out a video describing his experience with an elite satanic “cult” when he was in Hollywood.

In a video published on BitChute, Schroder recalled being exposed to a cassette tape that contained footage of hooded men and scantily clad women partaking in a bloody and sexual ritual with a male “body,” while he was still a adolescent in the film industry.

“Let me explain. When I was young, I couldn’t’ drive yet. I was hanging out with the older guys and I’m in Point Dume. Somebody pooped in a cassette tape into a VHS player and there was a room with a body. I believe it was a male, laying on a table. And people came around the room and it was dimly lit, but they had hoods and robes on,” Schroder said.

“They had some sort of ritual where they took out a knife and they cut him down the side, it was his right side. And they took out parts of him, and the blood started flowing, and they were chanting, and there was women there, and they took off their clothes. And then they took the blood, and they smeared it on their bodies and started to be sexual with each other. It was quite disturbing to see,” said the famous childhood actor.

Veteran actor Ricky Schroder and son Luke (right), take the pilot and co-pilot seat in the Apache AH-64 helicopter during a visit to Fort Hood, Texas, May 1. Before boarding the craft and getting a look at a working Apache, Schroder and his son ‘flew’ the Apache simulator. Photo by Pvt. Kelly Welch, 1st BCT, 1st Cav. Div. Public Affairs / U.S. Army / Flickr

“They gave me the cassette and I took…


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