FBI Clarifies Facebook CEO’s Claims About Hunter Biden Story ⋆ WOW! ⋆ Flag And Cross


Of all of the characters residing on the left side of the aisle, perhaps none is as controversial as Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden.

Hunter has been thrust back into the spotlight in recent weeks, after a purported hack of his iCloud account revealed a trove of incriminating material, including video of Hunter arguing with prostitutes about the amount of crack cocaine that was in his possession.

But the story has been largely ignored by the mainstream media, and suppressed on some social media platforms as well.

This week, during an appearance on Joe Rogan’s highly popular podcast, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a startling admission about the FBI’s involvement in Facebook’s handling of the story.

An appearance by Mark Zuckerberg on Joe Rogan’s podcast last week stoked controversy after the Meta CEO admitted that Facebook limited the bombshell Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 election because the FBI had warned about “Russian propaganda.”


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After the release of the episode on Thursday, the FBI said it “routinely notifies U.S. private sector entities, including social media providers, of potential threat information, so that they can decide how to better defend against threats.”

And that wasn’t all:

In a statement released to FOX Business, the agency said it has provided companies with “foreign threat indicators to help them protect their platforms and customers from abuse by foreign malign influence actors.”

“The FBI will continue to work closely with federal, state, local, and private sector partners to keep the public informed of potential threats, but the FBI cannot ask, or direct, companies to take action on information received,” the agency said.

The suppression of the Hunter Biden scandal has been at the center of consistent complaints from Republicans, who see the ignorance as the political bias of the mainstream media.



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