FBI Data Dump Blows Seth Rich Narrative Away From The Water!



For years, legal representative Ty Clevenger has actually been asking for reports from the FBI and the Deep State pertaining to the strange fatality of Autonomous staffer Seth Rich in 2016.

The FBI’s attempts at protecting against any sort of relevant information coming from venturing out have actually been noticeable, however Clevenger has continued to be persistent in his interest of uncovering the honest truth.

This most up-to-date records release from the FBI delivers further proof that there is actually more to this story than complies with the eye. The seventh vowed announcement from shady FBI top dog Michael G. Seidel was presented, along with revisions being important because of alleged push account of the federal government.

Two of the items of documentation are actually apparently explanations regarding why the FBI refuses to give just about anything concerning Crowdstrike, a cybersecurity firm worked with by DNC after it was actually apparently hacked by Russia.

In among the documents, it looks that for whatever main reason, the FBI certainly never checked out Rich’s job laptop computer which had actually been taken right into their belongings. Instead, Mueller and also his staff depended solely on a three-page record provided by Crowdstrike for examining Rich’s laptop.

This indicates that Mueller and also business performed certainly not look into more whether Rich had just about anything to perform with e-mails dripped through WikiLeaks considering that they likely already knew what they will locate if they possessed investigated even more, that probably Rich was in simple fact responsible for leaking those emails?

Moreover, Mueller and also his group proceeded ahead of time along with their attempted stroke of genius versus President Trump although it was actually very clear that Russia had not hacked DNC servers.

They really did not even bother interviewing Julian Assange at Wikileaks. It seems that Seidel had adequate work with having to validate his 8th promised declaration, all this slowing only brings in one wonder what else may be concealing behind these dragged out requests for documents connected to Seth Rich’s murder?

This puzzle continues on today. Numerous are encouraged that even more skeletons lie concealed in this particular wardrobe, having said that only opportunity will definitely say to whether or not our company are going to ever receive closer to finding what truly took place in the course of this terrible event.


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