Fed-Up Oregon Counties Get 1 Step Closer to Fleeing Liberal State for Idaho as Bill Is Introduced


Have you ever considered escaping your state without moving even a single mile away?

More than a dozen counties in rural Oregon could declare their independence from the progressive-dominated state and forge a new future within the state of Idaho.

Legislation introduced this month in the Oregon Senate invites the state legislatures and governors of both states to begin talks on relocating the border separating Idaho and Oregon.

The symbolic legislation represents a step forward for an untried idea that’s more realistic than it might seem.

State borders have changed before, through agreements of state legislatures, although most changes have been minor adjustments in the boundaries of newly admitted former territories.


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Article XVI of the Oregon Constitution reserves the Oregon legislature’s rights to adjust state boundaries, subject to approval from the United States Congress.

The bill notes that residents of eleven counties in eastern Oregon have already voted to depart the state and join Idaho.

Residents of the conservative region feel under threat from left-wing governance enacted from the state’s urban coastal centers.

Oregon has become associated with antifa riots and militant progressivism, values at odds with the conservative-leaning and rural eastern part of the state.

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Eastern Oregon is much different. The state’s rural counties voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election in a rebuke to the coastal elitist values associated with cities such as Portland.

You’re more likely to find American flags, pro-military imagery and public displays of Christianity in this part of the state. You could even describe eastern Oregon as a red state — like Idaho in all but name.

Chances are that eastern Oregon would never agree to join the state if its residents were to decide their fate today.

Oregon’s borders were decided 163 years ago. Rural residents of the state are stuck with the existing boundaries — lumped in with anti-gun liberals who don’t share their values.

Rural Oregonians have to deal with…


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