Former Trump Aide Says She Would ‘Absolutely’ Vote for Biden Because of J6


(Headline USA) Former Trump aide Cassidy Hutchinson, the “star witness” who testified against the former president on his role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, said this week that she would “absolutely consider” voting for President Joe Biden in November’s election.

During an interview with CNN, Hutchinson confirmed she has no intention of voting for Donald Trump.

“And I would absolutely consider voting for President Biden,” Hutchinson told CNN’s Kaitlin Collins. “I would never tell Americans how to vote, but I do know there are a lot of Americans who currently are on the fence about who to vote for. And these are active conversations that we need to engage in over the next six, seven months.”

The former White House staffer encouraged independent voters to “really do a deep dive and look at the damage that Donald Trump has done to our democracy and what he would continue to do in a potential second Trump term.”

This is not the first time Hutchinson has all but endorsed Biden. In November, she told MSNBC’s Jen Psaki that while she wasn’t ready to officially endorse the Democrat, she wanted “everybody” to “vote for Joe Biden if they want our democracy to survive.”

A few months prior, she said on CNN that Trump is the “most grave threat we will face to our democracy in our lifetime and potentially in American history.”

Hutchinson has repeatedly bashed the former president after coming out against him during congressional Democrats’ Jan. 6 committee investigation. Hutchinson testified to the committee that Trump was responsible for the riot and that he even tried to “grab” the wheel of his vehicle from the Secret Service agent driving to go to the riot himself.

However, Hutchinson later made “significant substantive changes” to her claims, including “conversations she originally claimed to have not been privy to or not remember.”


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