Four-Star General Orders All Officers Under His Command to Prepare for the China Fight


A top Air Force general is urging his command to be ready for war with China in 2025.

In a memo to his staff, which was leaked, four-star Gen. Mike Minihan, who leads the Air Mobility Command, said, “I hope I am wrong. My gut tells me will fight in 2025,” according to NBC.

Air Mobility Command is responsible for the transportation and refueling of Air Force assets.

Starting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Minihan said that politics in each nation plays a role in what he expects will be a march to conflict, according to The Washington Post.

“Xi secured his third term and set his war council in October 2022. Taiwan’s presidential elections are in 2024 and will offer Xi a reason. United States’ presidential elections are in 2024 and will offer Xi a distracted America. Xi’s team, reason, and opportunity are all aligned for 2025,” he wrote.


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Republican Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas said he will not disagree with Minihan.

“I hope he’s wrong. I think he’s right though, unfortunately,” he said on “Fox News Sunday,” according to Fox News.

McCaul said he thinks China will try to influence the Taiwanese elections in 2024.

“But if they don’t win in that one they are going to look at a military invasion, in my judgment. We have to be prepared for this,” he said.

Will the United States go to war with China in 2025?

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McCaul said “as long as Biden is in office projecting weakness,” there are “very high” odds of war with China.

To prepare for war, Minihan told subordinates to prepare to create “a fortified, ready, integrated, and agile Joint Force Maneuver Team ready to fight and win inside the first island chain,” NBC reported.

By way of preparation, the order says that next month, everyone under his command should “fire a clip into a 7-meter target with the full understanding that unrepentant lethality matters most. Aim for the head.”

In a reminder of war’s dark side, he advised his personnel…


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