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Given the arrogance of Those Who Know Best in their attempt to control, of all things, a pandemic, do you think they’ll do better when Americans start paying astronomical prices at the grocery store?

Or begin to go hungry?

We’re heading in that direction.

With the elites poking at the Russian bear and trying to get us into World War III but in a way where they think none of us gets hurt, we are now facing food shortages.

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That could mean possible monthly grocery costs rising by $1,000.

It’s the beginning of crop planting time. Crops need fertilizer. And through the brilliant mechanisms of globalism, guess where we get a lot of our fertilizer?

Russia. They provide two-thirds of the world’s supply, according to Fox’s Laura Ingraham.

And they’re temporarily shutting down their fertilizer exports.

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So there’s one more log being added to the out-of-control inflation fire.

You already know about that fire when it comes to food — those prices are up by 7 percent year-to-year as of January, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

And that new fertilizer inflation log is a big one — enough, maybe, to set the whole house ablaze.

“We’re going to get hit on every front, on every expense possible,” Oklahoma farmer Ben Neal told Ingraham, “From fertilizers to fuel to labor, insurance – everything in between [including] our packing supplies.”

Neal’s farm operates on a farm-to-market business model, so he has direct fuel costs for transportation. But every farmer essentially faces the same thing – crops need to be transported to processors and final markets and there are increasing fuel costs to power the trucks, trains, barges and ships that make that happen.

But that’s the harvest. Right now there’s the problem of planting…


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