GOP Plan for Early January Has the Left Losing Their Minds


While it would have been nice for Republicans to secure the presidency in 2020 and both chambers of Congress in 2022, they at least took majority control of the House of Representatives, which means that the next two years will be a nightmare for President Joe Biden and his administration.

However, one particular vow from California Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy shouldn’t be controversial at all, as he promised on Wednesday to reopen the U.S. Capitol to the American public after it was shut down post-Jan. 6, 2021.

“In six days the new Republican majority will fully reopen and restore the U.S. Capitol to the American people,” McCarthy tweeted Wednesday.


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As it stands, the Capitol is open only to the public in a limited fashion, with reservations required to tour the building.

On McCarthy’s official website, the GOP leader published a letter he wrote to various officials who would be in charge of getting the Capitol complex open to the public as it once was.

An accessible Capitol, especially the “People’s House,” is a constitutionally important principle.

“It has been 2 years, 7 months, and 29 days since the People’s House closed,” McCarthy wrote.

Had you known that the Capitol was only open to visitors in a limited fashion?

Yes: 32% (6 Votes)

No: 68% (13 Votes)

“That means for 973 days, the American People have been restricted from exercising their constitutional right to petition the first branch of government. 973 days without being able to freely visit their Member of Congress at the Capitol Complex. 973 days without being able to access the House gallery and watch their representatives vote on legislation in person.”

“That posture is no longer acceptable,” McCarthy continued.

McCarthy, the current House minority leader, acknowledged the possible challenges in reopening, focusing on staffing issues within the Capitol Police, which undoubtedly can present security issues.

But that…


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