Homeless Woman Gives Brutally Honest Answer, Makes It Clear She Understands Crisis Better Than City Leaders


A homeless woman has gone viral on Twitter for her rant about the root of the homelessness problem plaguing leftist-run cities across the country.

On Saturday, Kevin Dahlgren, who runs the Seattle-based charity We Heart Seattle, posted a video on Twitter of his interaction with a homeless woman named Wendy, who berated the leftists running the city for the way that they’ve handled homelessness.

According to her, the reason that the homelessness problem is not being solved by the left — and is only getting worse — is that the leftists are making it very easy to be homeless.

“It’s a piece of cake … They feed you three meals a day. You don’t have to do s*** … You wake up, you go eat brunch, get high … Go eat dinner, get high,” Wendy told Dahlgren.

WARNING: The following video contains language that some readers may find offensive. 


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Essentially Wendy says that the left is subsidizing this self-destructive lifestyle and encouraging people to remain homeless by giving them free food and drugs. There is absolutely no incentive for them to improve their lives if all their basic needs are provided by the government for free.

For the past few years, leftist-run areas of the country have seen a sharp increase in homelessness, and liberal state and local governments have done next to nothing to solve the issue. Instead, they have decided to subsidize this lifestyle, leaving people mired in a perpetual cycle of poverty and dependence.

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In some states, such as California, the homelessness problem has gotten so bad that parts of the state are starting to…


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