If You Connect the Dates for 9/11 and also COVID Into the Scriptures, Some Absolutely Chilling Numbers Program Up


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New York Times very successful writer Jonathan Cahn, in his new documentary, “The Harbingers of Points to find,” contends that the USA seems on the exact same judgment schedule that ancient Israel experienced hundreds of years ago.

The film is based in part on Cahn’s 2012 blockbuster book, “The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America’s Future,” and also his 2020 follow-up, “The Precursor II: The Return.”

Cahn, that is a Jewish believer in Jesus Christ, determined a surprisingly similar pattern in the judgment that the United States appears to be experiencing to that of ancient Israel as recorded in the Scriptures.

See Cahn’s effective movie, “The Harbingers of Points ahead,” now streaming or readily available on DVD.


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He suggested in “The Harbingers” documentary that the assaults of Sept. 11, 2001, by Middle Eastern terrorists noted the initial caution blow, much as when ancient Israel (the kingdom of Judah) was struck by the Babylonians in 605 B.C. and ultimately surrendered 19 years later on when Jerusalem dropped in 586 B.C.

“Considering that 9/11, America not just did not go back to God, but descended in its apostasy to depths that could have rarely been envisioned at the time of 9/11,” he added. “In the template, if the country continues in its program of descent from God, that template ordains that shakings will certainly bump into it.”

The shakings might take the kind of financial disintegration, civil condition, division, army loss, the collapse of facilities and manmade and also all-natural catastrophes.

Cahn said he questioned for many years after composing his initial Harbinger book what the 19th year from 9/11 would certainly hold for America if the pattern of judgment seen in old Israel continued to play out.

“The length of time was it from the time of that very first warning strike to the coming of the greater shakings? In the case of Jerusalem, that descent on came in 605 BC, when the militaries of Babylon attacked the land,” he stated in the film, which is currently streaming or readily available on DVD here.

The kingdom of Judah as well as its resources Jerusalem was up to Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar’s pressures in 586 BC, 19 years later.

Nineteen years after 9/11 was 2020. “The year of the …


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