‘It’s as If There Became 2 FBIs’: Ex-Agent Reveals the Moment Everything Became Politically Weaponized


Revolutions usually start from the ground up. But can it come from the top down?

Former FBI special agent Nicole Parker, in an opinion piece for Fox News, wrote that the bureau’s priorities and governing principles have shifted dramatically over the years.

From Parker’s insider perspective, the FBI has become politically weaponized — starting from the top in Washington, D.C., and trickling down to the field offices.

The former special agent knows what she’s talking about.

In 2009, Parker decided to leave a multibillion-dollar hedge fund to become an FBI special agent. Approximately 45,000 people applied for the job that year. About 900 made the cut. Parker was one of them.


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After five months of arduous training at the Academy in Quantico, Parker was sworn in as a special agent. She was assigned to the Miami Division.

Parker participated with multiple agencies in investigations such as the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, the 2017 Fort Lauderdale airport shooting, the Cesar Sayoc pipe bomb case, multimillion-dollar Ponzi schemes, crimes on the high seas, bank robberies, murders for hire, sexual assaults, extortions, and more.

“I considered it a sacred responsibility and was honored to be entrusted to protect and serve the American people,” Parker wrote. “My entire career was spent in the field, where I believed I could make the strongest impact in rescuing victims and putting criminals behind bars.”

And then something changed.

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The bureau became increasingly politicized. There was “one politicization issue after another at the FBI.”

In one example, Parker recalled a telling incident on June 20, 2020, where “images and videos surfaced online of special agents in their FBI-marked ballistic vests kneeling to protesters in Washington, D.C., while on official duty protecting our nation’s institutions.”

FBI agents are not allowed to publicly express any “potential political support” while on duty. Some of the agents said they were kneeling for “de-escalation purposes.” That failed to explain why in some images the kneeling…


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