Jeff Bezos Invests $60M into Lab-Grown Meat… Right Before DeSantis Bans It


(Dmytro “Henry” Aleksandrov, Headline USA) The new Sunshine State residents Jeff Bezos and his fiancée Lauren Sanchez announced a $60 million initial investment into sustainable protein, including “cultivated meats,” almost right before Gov. Ron DeSantis, R–Fla., barred the sale of lab-grown meat in Florida.

A news release revealed that DeSantis signed the legislation, SB 1084, into effect on May 1, 2024, casting it as a bid to stop the World Economic Forum’s goal of forcing the world to eat lab-grown meat and insects, which was called “an overlooked source of protein” by the globalists.

“Florida is increasing meat production and encouraging residents to continue to consume and enjoy 100% real Florida beef,” DeSantis’s office stated.

The governor also previously criticized the WEF’s plan to “force the world to eat meat grown in a petri dish or bugs to achieve their authoritarian goals.”

“They want to basically eliminate meat, they want to eliminate cattle, they want to eliminate chickens, and they want to create protein in laboratories. So it’s fake, essentially, lab-created meat, and their goal is to get to a point where you will not be raising cattle, where you will not be developing meat like we’ve been doing for hundreds and hundreds of years in the State of Florida,” he said.

The move came about a month after the Bezos Earth Fund, chaired by the Amazon founder and Sanchez, announced an investment into “sustainable protein,” which includes plant-based, fermented, and cultivated meats, part of the organization’s larger, $1 billion commitment to expanding “food production,” the New York Post reported.

“We need to feed 10 billion people with healthy, sustainable food throughout this century while protecting our planet. We can do it, and it will require a ton of innovation,” Sanchez wrote in a statement.

Unlike regular meat, lab-grown meats are grown from real animal cells that are replicated scientifically, which eliminates the need to farm animals, the news source added.


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