‘Jesus Always Wins’: Video Clip of Frail Woman, 77, Obtaining Baptized Acts As Evergreen Suggestion


Those who were baptized as a youth or a grownup might keep in mind the day of their baptism well.

Possibly the possibility was reached openly share the tale of their trip to Jesus as well as the pleasure of approving him as Lord and also Hero.

Then came the enjoyment of making the public career via baptism, which uncanny tranquility that comes with recognizing he’ll never ever leave neither abandon those that follow him, regardless of what life tosses at them.

On Sunday, Pastor Ryan Burton King of Grace Baptist Church in the Wood Environment-friendly area of London shared a lovely video clip of a frail 77-year-old woman making her career of belief through baptism.

“It has been an excellent day, but this video of my brother [Regan Blanton King] baptising a frail as well as elderly lady who is recently trusting in Christ, after that picking her up as well as carrying her out of the baptismal pool, has actually made it,” King stated on Twitter. “Fortunate be the Lord!”


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The man executing the baptism is King’s bro as well as also a priest, according to Faithwire.

Regan Blanton King supplied some information regarding the outstanding tale of the lady he baptized.

“Susan, 77 years old, Jewish, Roman Catholic country of birth, agnostic, struggling with Parkinson’s/ other problems last year, currently trusting Jesus as Messiah and also Lord of her life,” he said.

“As surely as the evil one is a phony, he is additionally a loser. Jesus constantly wins.”

There’s absolutely something reassuring regarding understanding that an individual is never ever as well old to receive Jesus which he is constantly …


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