Jim Acosta and Don Lemon Reportedly on CNN Chopping Block, May Be Next to Go


The merger of Discovery Inc. with CNN’s parent company, Warner Media, in the spring left viewers — and even non-CNN viewers — wondering what changes were in store for the network’s “talent” roster.

Last week, Brian Stelter, CNN’s chief media correspondent and host of “Reliable Sources,” was the first “personality” to get the ax. Dubbed the “fake news Humpty Dumpty” by Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Stelter was known for his extremely biased coverage of the conservative media. His last show was Sunday.

So, was Stelter’s inglorious exit a singular event or simply the first of more to come?


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News Cycle Media President Jon Nicosia reported last week that a shakeup is underway at CNN and it may claim the likes of network personalities Jim Acosta, John Berman, Alyson Camerota, Brianna Keilar, John King, Don Lemon and Jake Tapper. If true, this is welcome news for the conservative media, particularly for Fox News, which has borne the brunt of these hosts’ vitriol.

These hosts label anything they disagree with as either “misinformation” or “disinformation.” Rather than presenting the news, they try to shape the news.

Upon hearing word that billionaire Elon Musk planned to buy Twitter and turn it into the forum for free speech it should be, for instance, Lemon said, “I don’t think anyone disagrees this should be a free and open debate or platform. But, I mean, shouldn’t it … not necessarily be a font for misinformation? Or to, you know, say things about people that just aren’t true?”


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