Josh Allen Partners with Group to Give Life-Changing News to 2,600 People


For most people, Santa Claus is depicted as a jolly, bearded elderly man in a red outfit, with a bag of toys slung over his shoulder.

For many people this Christmas, Santa will actually look like this:

For those who think “Bills Mafia” is an organized crime syndicate full of people named “William,” the above image is of Buffalo Bills All-Pro quarterback Josh Allen.


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The 26-year-old Pro Bowler is considered by many football pundits to be a top-3 quarterback in the league, if not the best.

But the dual-threat quarterback isn’t just a superstar on the field — he might be an even bigger star off of it.

That’s because Allen, partnering with public benefit corporation ForgiveCo, wiped out a substantial amount of debt for a bevy of Americans.

As Fox Business noted, Allen and ForgiveCo teamed up to absolve over $10 million worth of debt across the country. Specifically, Allen aimed to help those in Buffalo, Wyoming and central California, which is where he played professional, college and high school football, respectively.

Should more NFL players invest in their communities?

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The $10 million of consumer debt being forgiven will be spread across 2,600 people, which equates to roughly $3,847 of debt forgiveness per person.

“The beauty of this debt forgiveness model is that the debt is purchased in the same manner that debt collectors use — buying debt at cents on the dollar,” ForgiveCo CEO Craig Antico told Fox Business.

Antico noted that there is one significant difference between what Allen and ForgiveCo are doing versus the more predatory debt collectors out there.

“The difference is that rather collecting on the debt, Josh Allen and ForgiveCo are forgiving the debt — removing the burden of these individuals needing to pay the debt themselves.”

Antico is intimately familiar with how debt collectors work because he used to work at a collection agency at the start of his career, before realizing that collecting debt (in that…


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