Just In: Trump SLAMS FOX NEWS!


Syndicated with permission via Valiant News|

45th President Donald Trump bashed former conservative juggernaut Fox News over its decision to fire ratings machine Tucker Carlson in a new interview published this week.

Explaining his decision to appear on CNN for a Town Hall earlier this month, Trump explained to The Messenger that he is doing different media in 2022 due to the changing media landscape that has seen CNN fire many of its liberal hosts and Fox News shed its loudest pro-America voice.

“I’m doing a lot of different media,” Trump explained. “I was disappointed with Fox. I thought the firing of Tucker [Carlson] was a tremendous mistake. I was very disappointed.”

The former president added that he “was disappointed with the coverage of the [2020 presidential] election in particular, the early call in Arizona.”

Discussing the fallout from the CNN Town Hall, which was a ratings success and has almost universally been called a victory for Trump and his campaign, Trump told the outlet he was “surprised by the level of hostility”:

I was surprised by the level of hostility. … I thought they would be neutral and even better than that so they could get the viewers back. And they had one of the best [viewership] days in years. So you would think they would claim success. I was amazed to see that they were traumatized by what took place. They were actually traumatized. I think that instead of acting the way they did, they should have said, ‘we had a tremendous ratings night, one of the best in years, many years,’ and spiked the football, right?

“Well, I don’t want to say [whether the event was a victory]. But everyone else says it was. … I’ve never been so credited with the successes the way I have with this. Everybody — the radical left, fascists, Marxists, communists, and normal people — have said that it was a total complete victory for Trump. .. But CNN has taken tremendous hits….


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