Kamala Unleashes Profanity-Laden Speech: ‘Kick the F**king Door Down’


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Is Vice President Kamala Harris okay? This may be the question on many Americans’ minds following her profanity-laden speech on Monday. 

Harris—infamous for her incoherent and inappropriate speeches—urged attendees of a summit to “kick the f**cking door down” to break “barriers.”

Delivered at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies, her speech aimed to address overcoming what she perceived as barriers for minorities, specifically Asian Pacific Americans. 

“When you walk in those rooms, being the only one that looks like you, the only one with your background, you walk in those rooms, chin up, shoulders back,” she began. 

Later in her speech, she declared, “We have to know that sometimes people will open the door for you and leave it open and sometimes they won’t—and then you need to kick that f**cking door down.” 

Harris’s use of profanity prompted laughter from the guests. “Excuse my language!” she said, amid more chuckles. 

While some may perceive Harris’s Monday remarks as unbecoming of a vice president, they are part of a pattern where she either delivers nonsensical remarks or makes improper references. 

Take, for instance, her speech at a campaign event in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. 

During the event, Harris discussed using blunt language when speaking about abortion and women’s reproductive organs. 

“I’m so fed up with this sometimes because you know I’m on the road full-time talking about this and other issues,” Harris told singer Sheryl Lee Ralph, who hosted the event. 

“When I went to a reproductive clinic it was a long day and press was there and I said, ‘Let me just tell you. You guys are going to have to be ready for this ready for certain language and I said very loudly: Ovaries!’” she added. 

Lee Ralph chimed in, “Fallopian tubes!”  

A chuckling Harris continued, “Fallopian tubes, right?”  

Adding to the odd exchange, she mentioned, “Fibroids!” alluding to muscular tumors.

Over the past several months, President Joe Biden has seemingly deployed Harris to the campaign trail amid several polls showing them trailing Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 presidential election. 


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