Kamala’s Claims Expose Dark Realities of the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) It’s safe to say Vice President Kamala Harris can’t keep a secret, as she recently shed light on Democrats’ hidden agenda concerning an “inflation” bill. 

On Friday, Harris affirmed that the Biden administration is “dropping trillions of dollars on streets of America right now” through the infamous Inflation Reduction Act.

Harris added that the massive spending aims to “build back our roads, our bridges, our sidewalks, to invest in a clean energy economy, to deal with the climate crisis…” 

Harris’s assertions suggest that the IRA, despite initial claims, does not aim to reduce inflation but rather worsen it by fueling the Biden administration’s leftist spending. 

Critics quickly highlighted this striking statement from Harris on Twitter, as reported first by Fox News on Friday. 

“Has there ever been a more ironic sentence?” Media critic and journalist Tom Elliot wrote on Twitter. 

Echoing Elliot’s sentiments was radio host Vince Conglianese, who sarcastically posted, “Because reducing inflation always involves dropping trillions of dollars on the street!”

Chuck Ross, a reporter for the Washington Free Beacon, wrote, “Dang, they should have called it the ‘Trillions of Dollars on American Streets Act.’ Missed PR opportunity.”

Democrats, including President Joe Biden, misleadingly touted the Inflation Reduction Act as a law to tackle the inflation caused by the Biden administration.

According to the Heritage Foundation, the IRA will “likely” increase federal deficits and raise taxes by $570 billion.

“The law diverts taxpayer dollars into unreliable electricity sources, like solar and wind, while sending a clear signal that reliable electricity sources, like natural gas, are disfavored,” the conservative think tank added. 

“The law aggressively uses the levers of government to influence what vehicles Americans drive, getting them out of gas and diesel-powered vehicles and into electric vehicles (EVs), and even pushes consumers away from natural gas appliances to electric appliances,” it continued. 

Harris’s claim comes as she was deployed to the campaign trail, where she has consistently made some odd and incoherent remarks. 

Last week, Harris raised eyebrows when she unexpectedly started mentioning “ovaries” and veered into a discussion about tumors during a speech about abortion.

Earlier this week, Harris relied on a profanity-laced speech to urge minorities to break through boundaries.

“Kick the f**king door down,” she told Asian-Americans.


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