Kathy Griffin Destroyed Her Own Career with One Jab at Trump, Now She’s Targeting Joe Rogan


Comedienne Kathy Griffin nearly lost her entire career over her virulent anti-Trumpism in 2017, but even as she decried the cancel culture then, today this hypocritical leftist is trying to unleash the haters on someone else.

The vulgar, D-list comedienne torpedoed her career when she published a “comedy” photo shoot in which she was seen holding up President Donald Trump’s bloody, severed head.

What followed was an epic career meltdown. The already fading comic was beset with cancellations of her appearances — including being fired from CNN’s annual New Year’s Eve show — and she lost most of her endorsements, as well.

In the beginning, Griffin apologized. But when she saw that the cancel culture wasn’t letting up, she then issued a retraction of her apology.

After a year or so, Griffin started to regain her footing and found bookings to be a bit easier. But even today she said she has a harder time finding work than she did before the photo that advocated for the brutal assassination of a sitting U.S. president.


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All the while, Griffin decried the attacks on her right to free speech and blasted those attacking her as un-American. She has variously labeled her detractors as misogynists, or haters of someone who is “self-made,” and Nazis.

Griffin, of course, has been a virulent hater of Trump. Even after getting walloped for the severed head photo, she continued calling for Trump’s murder. In 2020, for instance, she urged someone to attack Trump with a “syringe with nothing but air” in it.

But it appears that Griffin now thinks Trump is old news, at least as far as “dangers to the county” are concerned. Now, Griffin is targeting popular podcaster Joe Rogan, according to Newsweek. Today, she is the one hoping to unleash the cancel culture on an entertainer.

In an interview with New York editor Kara Swisher on her “Pivot” podcast, Griffin attacked Rogan, a fellow entertainer with whom she once had a passing friendship.

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