Largest Bodega Union Hails Trump Following Viral Visit


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Former President Donald Trump’s presence in New York City for his criminal trial led by embattled Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has commanded significant media attention. 

However, on Tuesday, Trump made a notable stop at a bodega, where a worker defended himself against a violent assailant, only to later face charges from Bragg. 

Trump’s visit to the bodega had been planned (but kept secret) for several days and aligned with concerns voiced by the Bodega and Small Business Group (BSBG), one of New York’s largest bodega unions, regarding the escalating crime impacting bodega workers across the city.

During his visit, Trump engaged with bodega workers, advocating for their right to self-protection. “You should be allowed to have a gun,” Trump remarked. “If you had a gun, you’d never get robbed, you’d never get robbed, that would be the end of it.” Trump pledged to restore law and order if elected ahead of the 2024 general election. 

In a phone interview with Headline USA, BSBG president Francisco Duarte echoed Trump’s sentiments and praised the former president for shining a spotlight on worker safety concerns.  

“We are fed up with the lack of action to protect bodega workers,” Duarte expressed during a 20-minute conversation conducted in Spanish. “We appreciate Trump for accepting our visit to the bodega and taking the time to meet with us.” 

Duarte revealed that Trump’s visit was cleared by the Secret Service and organized by a Dominican American individual affiliated with a local Republican club. Initially planned for a downtown location, Trump ultimately agreed to visit a bodega in upper Manhattan. 

The bodega chosen for Trump’s visit was where Jose Alba, a Dominican American bodega worker, fatally defended himself against a violent attacker in 2022. However, Alba found himself facing charges from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is also prosecuting Trump over alleged payments made to former adult film star Stormy Daniels and model Karen McDougal.

Alba’s arrest stirred widespread outrage, with many questioning Bragg’s motives and alleging selective prosecution.

During the interview, Duarte criticized Democrats opposing legislation that would classify assaulting a retail worker as a felony. He expressed hope that Trump’s visit would spur Democrats into action. 

“I hope Democrats recognize our frustrations as businessmen and Hispanics. We’re tired of being ignored,” Duarte emphasized. “We’re tired of facing daily insecurity and yet there’s no sense of urgency to address it.” 

While stressing that his union does not endorse candidates, Duarte underscored the significance of Trump’s support as a wake-up call for politicians. 

“Trump’s visit must serve as a wake-up call to Democrats because our votes cannot be taken for granted,” he asserted. “I’ve had discussions about this with many bodega owners and other associations. We need to learn about ‘vote in’ and ‘vote out.’ Those who don’t represent us will be voted out of office.” 

The BSBG represents around 3,000 bodegas, owned by people from diverse backgrounds, including Yemen, Bangladesh and Latino communities. 

Duarte’s remarks align with Trump’s ongoing campaign focused on law and order, criticizing Democrats nationwide for their perceived lax approach to crime prevention.


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