Latest North Korea ICBM Test Forces US Military Personnel to Seek Cover ⋆ This is just the latest in a recent burst of missile activity by North Korea. ⋆ Flag And Cross


While much of the world’s attention has been bogarted by the ridiculously brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine, the hermit kingdom of North Korea has been getting busy.

The notoriously reclusive nation has been firing a number of projectiles skyward in recent weeks, some of which appeared to threaten South Korea and the northernmost reached of Japan.

This week, the belligerent ballistic missile tests even forced American airmen to seek cover.

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The US Air Force Misawa Air Base in Japan urged its personnel to take shelter after news broke of a ballistic missile being launched off the east coast of North Korea.

According to outlets in South Korea, the latest rocket was fired early on Friday morning (November 18) and follows a succession of weapons tests conducted by Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un during recent weeks.

It is believed this projectile was an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) and the test follows reports of another at a similar time yesterday (Thursday, November 17), which the South claimed was aimed towards the Sea of Japan.

It believed that this particular missile would have had the range to reach the continental United States, had its trajectory been adjusted to attempt such a launch.

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