Lee Greenwood Fires Back at ‘Twisted’ Criticism of ‘God Bless the USA Bible’


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) American singer-songwriter Lee Greenwood didn’t mince words when addressing the left’s vitriolic criticisms of his collaboration with former President Donald Trump for the release of a limited-edition God Bless the USA Bible. 

During an April 1 interview on Fox News’s Jesse Waters Tonight, Greenwood remarked that the left’s stance is “pretty twisted,” suggesting they’re so apprehensive of Trump that they’re willing to suppress their faith just to denounce him.

“I’m ashamed of them for not putting their faith forward and they are just hateful for Donald Trump,” Greenwood said. “I would tell you this, the history of God Bless the USA, the song, is what led us to this point here.”

Late last month, Trump and Greenwood unveiled the special edition Bible, which also featured the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the Pledge of Allegiance and the U.S. Constitution.  

Despite criticism from the left, the Bible garnered significant success, drawing ire toward both Trump and Greenwood, the latter having been a featured performer at numerous Trump rallies over the past years—a fact he emphasized during his April 1 interview with Fox News.

“For more than three years I’ve been performing with the Holy Bible and the King James Version and from front to back it is the unedited Bible. God Bless the USA is added to the front of it and the back of the book the four documents the started our country, which I felt were important because I’m a patriot,” Greenwood added. 

In response to Fox’s Watters asking Greenwood about the media’s characterization of Trump’s Christian supporters as being part of a “religious cult” due to their steadfast support for the former president, Greenwood sarcastically rebutted, “It’s hardly a cult, isn’t it?” 

The singer juxtaposed the number of individuals identifying as transgender with the number of Christians, likely aiming to suggest that it’s the left, not conservatives, who exhibit cult-like behavior. 

“There is [sic] 1.9 million transgenders in the United States, and there’s 200 million Christians that are registered. I think it’s a little out of proportion that we’re talking too much about that subject. I want to talk more about faith,” Greenwood said. 


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