Leftist Mayor Gloriously Has 2A Success Thrown Right in His Face


Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney shed his latest gun-banning situation on Monday when a court stated the city does not have the legal power to enforce a restriction on weapons in parks and recreation facilities.

The Democrat took it upon himself in September to establish a fiat gun ban through executive orderthat didn’t sit well with the honest weapon proprietors of his city.

Kenney peremptorily stated that guns were banned from all city-owned parks and also entertainment facilities to guarantee they are “a refuge for kids and also all of the Philadelphia community to collect,” according to The Epoch Times.

The mayor validated his exec order under the exegesis of laws that give his office the authority to “take care of and operate all City leisure facilities.” He asserted this clause offered him the power to ban all guns in those centers.

Criminal Offense in Democrat-run Philly has actually escalated over the last couple of years. Labor Day weekend was particularly lethal this year.


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resulted in Kenney’s order, which claimed,”Nobody carrying weapons or other harmful weapons is allowed to get in or stay in or on any kind of indoor or exterior leisure properties run by the Department of Parks as well as Leisure.”On Monday, nonetheless, Court Joshua Roberts of the Philly Court of Common Pleas released a permanent order stopping the city from carrying out and also implementing the mayor’s anti-gun exec order. A day after Kenney authorized the order, which entered into impact immediately upon its signing, the not-for-profit group Weapon Owners of America submitted a legal action versus the city. GOA said that the Democrat’s ordinance”directly violates Pennsylvania law, and also may not be applied”because the state Constitution … Source

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