Leftist Prof & Bezos Desired “Extremely Painful Discomfort” On Queen Elizabeth In the Hrs Prior To Her Fatality


Simply in the event you needed a tip of exactly how heartless our political opposition on the left seems to be to be in these times, one requirement look no further than a set of Tweets from people our experts hand over along with educating our youth. oh, and also the previously richest guy on the planet.

Right now, I am not a follower of the Crown, neither queen Elizabeth especially, however you will not mind me wanting her pain as well as fatality on her fatality bedroom.

What kind of people are these, you might inquire? The kind that permit atrocities and genocide to be performed in their title I propose …

The Entrance Pundit reported:

Uju Anya, a teacher at Carnegie Mellon University, released an awful lecture on Twitter as Queen Elizabeth set perishing.

“I heard the main despot of a thieving assaulting genocidal empire is actually eventually perishing. May her pain be distressing.” The Tweet was actually eventually taken out but screenshots continue to circulate.

The Tweet obtained over 10,000 sorts and also retweets prior to it was removed. Despite the retaliation Anya got, she doubled adverse her ill habits.

Even ultra-leftist Jeff Bezos found the belief disgusting.

Anya was resolute.

A Twitter individual commented”Ewww you stink.” This lecturer at a leading rate university responded,

While it seems Twitter cleared away the original message, Anya’s account continues to be active additional highlighting Twitter’s swayed plans.

According to her bio at Carnegie Mellon” Dr. Uju Anya is professors in the Division of Modern Languages at …


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