Liberals Meltdown Invokes Cockamamie ‘Human Trafficking’ Accusations ⋆ So the left will turn a blind eye to human traffickers operating as much as and across our borders, who are notorious for all type of unholy criminal activities en route, however a charter plane to the northeast during “leaf season” is mosting likely to be a criminal offense against humankind? ⋆ Flag As Well As Cross


The Democrats of America definitely do not like it when their virtue-signaling covering is cracked by chilly, hard facts, as well as the response that we have actually seen to the Martha’s Winery migrant tale has exposed the left wholesale.

Traditional Guvs of both Texas and Florida teamed up last week to send out 50-or-so asylum seekers from the southerly border of the US to Martha’s Winery– one of one of the most swank as well as liberal crannies of the country. The reaction there, for the electronic cameras, was kind and helpful, yet the locals could not help yet reveal their real feelings when the spotlight lowered.

We can also tell just how captured the Democrats really feel by the responses we’ve seen in the mainstream media– which have actually varied from frantic to aberrant to belligerent throughout the last a number of days.

Autonomous politicians and also media figures on MSNBC have actually asserted that Ron DeSantis and also Greg Abbott’s choice to send out travelers to major cities constitutes “human trafficking,” with some even contacting the Department of Justice (DOJ) to prosecute the Republican governors.

Throughout a Sunday night panel on MSNBC’s “Mehdi Hasan Program,” The Country press reporter Elie Mystal asserted that DeSantis as well as Abbott had gone against the federal statutes pertaining to kidnapping, and also urged Chief law officer Merrick Garland to investigate.


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“We need Merrick Garland once more to understand that and also bring the complete weight as well as power of the federal government down on these people,” he said.

So, when they crossed the boundary into Martha’s Winery, those that brought them there are a trouble? Well the surest way to sterilize the “coyotes” at the southern border is to force travelers to get in with the secure, safe and secure naturalization process, and that starts by closing down the profession paths.

Then came the buzzword battery:

On Friday, after boasting regarding the compassion of Martha’s Vineyard citizens towards the Venezuelan travelers, MSNBC “Early morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough called DeSantis’ move “political human trafficking” throughout a discussion with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Clinton rapidly concurred, claiming “some political leaders” were aggravating the concern of migration to the level of “actually human trafficking.”

A day earlier, MSNBC host Happiness Reid asked Miami Herald press reporter David Ovalle regarding the occurrence in Martha’s Winery and also regarding previous circumstances of sending migrants from red …


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