Major Pentagon Negligence Discovered, Could Leave US Open to Acts of War


A government watchdog agency has discovered major incompetence on the part of the Pentagon that makes the United States to acts of war.

On Monday, the Washington Free Beacon reported that the watchdog group Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported that Pentagon has no policy in place for tracking cyber attacks on the U.S. by foreign adversaries such as Russia, China, and Iran.

According to the group, the Defense Department has been subject to 1,500 cyber attacks by foreign hackers per year from 2015 to 2021, and the Pentagon has not properly reported these attacks to leadership.

The GOA report stated, “DOD’s system for reporting all incidents often contained incomplete information and DOD could not always demonstrate that they had notified appropriate leadership of relevant critical incidents. Until DOD assigns such responsibility, DOD does not have assurance that its leadership has an accurate picture of the department’s cybersecurity posture.”

Essentially, the DOD has no proper way of tracking or preventing cyber attacks, and this is a massive threat to national security.


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In 2011, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Pentagon had classified cyber attacks by foreign adversaries as acts of war, allowing the United States to respond to cyber attacks with military force.

This is supposed to deter hostile foreign powers from carrying out cyber attacks on the United States, as the United States has historically had the most powerful military in the world. But in the last few years, the opposite seems to have happened, foreign powers seem even more emboldened to attack the United States.

The Pentagon’s unpreparedness to respond to cyber attacks speaks to a much larger issue right now: the United States is no longer the world power it once was, and the military is no longer the strong force that it once was.

Under the Biden administration especially, the incompetence of the United States military has been on display for all to see, as the military seems more concerned with woke politics than it does with winning battles.

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