Mayor Adams Heckled During Flight: ‘F**k You—You’re Always Partying!’


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) New York City Mayor Eric Adams faced the fury of a left-wing heckler as he sat on an airplane departing from Miami, Florida, heading to the city. 

According to the New York Daily News, Adams was in Miami on Sunday for the 2024 Concordia Americas Summit, a conference of business leaders and elected officials from North America and Latin America.

In a viral video shared on Twitter, a woman proceeded to ask, “Are you Eric Adams?”

Seemingly unaware of what was to come, Adams innocently smirked at the woman before she shouted, “Yeah, f**k you. You supported the genocide in Palestine. There are homeless people all over New York.”

While the mayor did not respond to the woman’s curse-laden lecture, his expression visibly shifted. 

A man seemingly accompanying Adams stood up, attempting to block the woman from recording the mayor. 

To this, she replied, “But you’re always partying. You don’t actually care about the citizens of New York. Why are you even in Miami? You know there are people being arrested. There are homeless.” 

She continued, “People cannot afford food. You keep cutting the education budget so you can fund the police. That’s all you care about — funding the police. Everything is underfunded because of you.” 

Passengers frustrated by the loud scolding pleaded with the woman to keep moving as her disturbance could have delayed the flight. 

The mayor returned to New York City by Tuesday, the New York Daily News reported. 

Adams’s spokesperson Fabien Levy did not mince words in response to the heckling. “Like the mayor always says, 8 million people, but 35 million opinions,” he stated in a press statement.

“It’s unfortunate, however, that this individual’s opinion was riddled with vulgarities on a public flight and that’s why multiple passengers can be heard pushing back on her as she annoyingly held them up,” Levy added.


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