Merrick Garland Goes On Defense For the First Time as House Republicans Vote to Hold Him in Contempt


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During a press conference, US Attorney General Merrick Garland asserted that the Justice Department, as a cornerstone of democracy, is not obligated to comply with a congressional subpoena.

This declaration came amidst escalating tensions following President Joe Biden’s assertion of executive privilege over his conversation with Special Counsel Robert Hur.

Garland found himself on the defensive for the first time as two House Committees led by GOP members moved to hold him in contempt of Congress.

The House Judiciary Committee has already voted to hold him in contempt, with the House Oversight Committee set to follow suit later today.

Garland argued that the congressional subpoena was invalid and could impede the DOJ’s ability to effectively carry out sensitive investigations.

He also expressed frustration over Republican attempts to defund investigations led by Jack Smith into former President Trump.


After Merrick Garland’s press conference on Thursday, Mike Davis, a former clerk of Gorsuch, appeared on The War Room with Steve Bannon.

Davis suggested that Garland seemed shaken by the Republican party’s sudden offensive strategy.

“Listen to Attorney General Garland’s statement. We are in his head. He’s rattled. He’s talking about defunding, how we’re trying to defund these investigations before the election, how we’re issuing subpoenas. They are now on defense in the Biden Justice Department and they’re on defense for the first time,” said Mike Davis.


House Oversight Chairman James Comer last month released a statement after the DOJ rebuffed his committee’s request for the audio recordings.

“The Biden Administration does not get to determine what Congress needs and does not need for its oversight of the executive branch,” Comer said. “The American people deserve to hear the actual audio of President Biden’s answers to Special Counsel Hur.”

Comer remarked that it is puzzling that the Biden Administration is withholding the audio of Biden’s interview with Hur despite…


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