Miami-Dade Region Tinkers the Incorrect Christian, Obtains Struck with Federal Lawsuit


< img src =""alt=""> A Christian guy and also previous public staff member in Miami-Dade Region, Florida, has submitted a federal claim against the region’s board of commissioners, alleging religious discrimination over mandated re-education training after he expressed individual viewpoints in his very own spare time regarding the insanity that is the united state Congress’ “Equality Act.”

This is the type of story you actually require to get up and also pay attention to if you have any kind of wish to see spiritual liberty (and thus, all freedom) preserved in the USA of America at this extreme juncture in our country’s history.

In 2021, John Labriola, a media assistant for the Miami-Dade Region Board of Directors, wrote a full-throated rebuke of the supposed “Equal rights Act,” which he said has actually been described as “the most detailed attack on Christianity ever before created into law.” I’m fairly tempted to agree.

The regulations, which passed the united state House of Representatives last year, would certainly change the 1964 Civil liberty Act to restrict discrimination on the basis of sex, sexuality or gender identity and also has been generally opposed as positioning a significant danger to both spiritual liberty as well as our country’s females as well as ladies.

In bitter irony rather fitting, sadly, for 2022, Labriola’s very own faith appears to have actually come under the assault of Soviet-style office reaction, according to a government legal action submitted on his part by the law practice Pacific Justice Institute.


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The Date Times reported that Erin New, the region’s supervisor of civils rights and also fair work methods, received an email from a “worried citizen” accentuating Labriola’s point of view item in Sophie’s Voice, an e-newsletter for a tiny conservative publisher, Sophie Publishing Home, Inc.

. The worried citizen was Orlando Gonzales, the executive director of the protestor team SAVE LGBT, who had seen a tale concerning the item in the Miami Herald as well as informed New in an e-mail that Labriola had “performed himself in manner that coldly shows his bias versus LGBTQ people” and that he was “a threat to the area” as well as “unsuited for a function in government as civil servant,” according to Epoch Times.

Gonzales urged the region to “completely examine this matter and also technique Mr. Labriola by dismissing him from his function.”

That, it appears, is precisely what occurred.

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