Missouri Secretary of State Candidate Posts Social Media Content Saying “Don’t Be Weak and Gay”


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Valentina Gomez, a candidate for Missouri Secretary of State from the GOP, has recently faced criticism and controversy due to her social media content.

In a video posted online, she advised Americans, “Don’t be weak and gay,” which ignited outrage among many individuals.

Despite this backlash, Gomez continues to promote her platform as a real estate investor, financier, strategist, former NCAA Division I swimmer, and advocate for American values.

One of Gomez’s key priorities is election integrity. She aims to fortify democracy by eliminating voting machines, implementing Voter ID requirements, and involving the National Guard in securing elections.

This initiative seeks to ensure transparency in the electoral process by transitioning back to a paper-based system in Missouri while addressing concerns related to cybersecurity threats and manipulation.

By deploying the National Guard to oversee polling stations, Gomez intends to uphold impartiality, prevent interference, and enhance public trust in the electoral system.

In addition to her political aspirations, Gomez is known for her engaging social media presence where she champions conservative principles.

In one viral video shared on X in February, she pledged to eliminate books that allegedly groom and sexualize children while expressing support for the America First ideology.

This post gained significant traction online with over 4.3 million views.

Recently, Gomez sparked further controversy by posting a video of herself running through a gay district neighborhood in St. Louis and advising viewers not to be “weak and gay” but rather “stay strong.”

While some found humor in her remarks, many Democrats condemned her message. Social media platforms were abuzz with reactions subverting her statement into “be strong and gay” as an act of defiance against discriminatory rhetoric.

Critics of Gomez labeled her post as hateful and ridiculed her choice of attire—a combination of hot pants and a bulletproof vest—while delivering the controversial message during a jog.

Gomez’s campaign director reportedly defended her statement by emphasizing personal choices regarding sexual orientation while also advocating for appropriate behavior around children:

“You want to be gay? Fine be…


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