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Americans were shocked and appalled this week after it was discovered that a Chinese spy balloon was stalking the midwest, but they were also embarrassed.

After all, how did the world’s most advanced military let this happen?  And, even more shockingly, why did President Joe Biden spend so much time contemplating the possibility of incapacitating the balloon but only opt to do some once it had crossed the entire nation.

The decision-making from the White House received a great deal of backlash, including some sharp criticism from Republican figurehead Mitch McConnell.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell slammed President Joe Biden in a statement Sunday after the president allowed a Chinese spy balloon to fly over the U.S. for several days last week.

McConnell’s statement comes after the U.S. military used an F-22 Raptor on Saturday to take out a Chinese spy balloon off the coast of South Carolina using a single air-to-air A9X sidewinder missile that was fired at an altitude of approximately 58,000 feet.

The Bluegrass State Senator did not hold back.

“As usual when it comes to national defense and foreign policy, the Biden Administration reacted at first too indecisively and then too late,” McConnell said. “We should not have let the People’s Republic of China make a mockery of our airspace. It defies belief to suggest there was nowhere between the Aleutian Islands of Alaska and the coast of Carolina where this balloon could have been shot down right away without endangering Americans or Canadians. This was a reminder of the PRC’s brazenness and President Biden missed the opportunity to defend our sovereignty, send a message of strength, and bolster deterrence.”

The 80-year-old Kentucky Republican senator noted subsequent reports that have surfaced about Chinese spy balloons operating in other parts of the Americas and said that Biden needed to work with allies and partners to combat the threat of “brazen Chinese espionage.”

“I hope the President’s belated decision to finally do the right thing carries over into his soon-to-be-released annual budget request,” McConnell continued. “Whether it’s spy balloons or spy satellites, hypersonic weapons or stealth aircraft, massive naval construction or nuclear stockpile expansion, China’s military modernization effort is no joke. Last year President Biden proposed an absurd budget that would have cut defense funding after inflation. Let’s hope his budget proposal this year is more decisive, serious, and strong than the…


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