MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Posts Picture with Rachel Maddow, Then Users Notice Dark Symbol Alongside Them


The visibility of a swastika in the background of an image published by MSNBC host Chris Hayes provided Twitter a chortle today.

On Tuesday, Hayes posted a picture of himself with Rachel Maddow on his Twitter account.

“Obtained ta to hang with my friend today,” he created.

Mexican Head Of State Snubs Biden at Summit Twitter customers who were interested in inspecting guides that created the background to the image discovered that when they magnified the picture, a record with a swastika on its cover was visible near Hayes’s appropriate hip. The presence of a hate symbol in

an image of 2 liberals holding up for the camera was way too much to neglect.”Dog whistle, much?”one Twitter user published, while one more wrote ,”What’s this?” in bafflement. Why you got a swastika on your desk?– ELIJAH SCHAFFER(@ElijahSchaffer)October 5, 2022 What’s happening with the German National Socialist publicity, Chris?– Aldous Huxley’s Ghost ™ (@AF632)October 5, 2022 What’s this?– TexZeus (@vinnieoftexas_)October 4, 2022 … Why exists a swastika behind you

on the desk, Chris? Pet dog whistle, much?– Sour Patch Lyds( @sourpatchlyds)October 5, 2022 Associated: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Posts Image with Rachel Maddow, After That Users Notice Icon Alongside Them Eventually, Hayes had to respond. Rachel published it out from a digital archive for me because the very first part of it is all about the anti-semitic enormous that fascist groups were carrying out in the Bronx in the late 1930s.– Chris Hayes(@chrislhayes)October 5, 2022″Just so incredibly

perfect that I have a typo in this tweet. Also,

the handout behind me, which indeed have a swastika on it, is an amazing anti-fascist pamphlet put together by an American christian

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