MTG Hints at Date for Motion to Oust ‘Lame Duck’ Johnson Amid Foreign Aid Controversy


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Could Mike Johnson, R-La., find himself removed as House speaker following his embrace (and subsequent passing) of a massive $95 billion foreign aid package, the majority of which is earmarked for Ukraine?

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., the leading Republican behind the motion to vacate threat against Johnson, hinted at a potential date for his ousting, branding him as a “lame duck.” 

Responding to a question about whether she would make the motion privileged, meaning the House would have to vote on the measure within days, she said on Saturday: “I’m actually going to let my colleagues go home and hear from their constituents.”

Greene added, “When you have the strongest, loudest voices in the Republican movement and grassroots furious, calling for Mike Johnson to be vacated, the people here, my colleagues, have not heard the message so I’m looking for them to go home on hearing from the folks back at home.”

Greene’s remarks came after the House passed the multi-billion dollar foreign aid package—including $60.8 billion for Ukraine (currently in conflict with Russia), $26.4 billion for Israel (currently contending with Hamas terrorists) and $8 billion for Indo-Pacific security against China. Notably, the bill provided no funding for border security. 

Shortly after the passage of the funding, members of Congress flooded the House floor with Ukrainian flags, illustrating their satisfaction with the passage of funding that had been blocked for months.

“This is the sellout of America today,” Greene said. “When we had members of Congress in there waving the Ukrainian flag on the United States House of Representatives’ floor while we’re doing nothing to secure our border, I think every American in this country should be furious.” 

Greene’s opposition to Johnson arose after the speaker supported several Democrat-led policies, including omnibus bills for federal government funding, an FBI spying reauthorization bill and foreign bills without adequate provisions for border security. 

Greene’s reluctance to initiate the motion to vacate stems from concerns that such an action would inherently empower Democrats, either by forcing them to preserve Johnson’s position—thus igniting a coalition government—or by triggering Republican resignations that would hand over the House majority to Democrats. 

During the same press conference, Greene stated that she would not threaten the Republican majority by preemptively filing the majority,  

“I’ve said from the beginning I’m going to be responsible with this,” Greene said, referring to the motion to vacate. “I support my majority. I’ll support the majority next time. I do not support Mike Johnson. He’s already a lame duck. If we had the vote today in our conference he would not be speaker today. He can’t raise money everyone knows it, we know we can’t win the majority next year without raising money.” 


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